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News Archive > General > Rubbish may be picked up fortnightly

Rubbish may be picked up fortnightly

By Natasha Swift 1st November 2017

Rubbish may be picked up fortnightly
The incinerator

IMPORTING waste from out of county to the St Dennis incinerator, introducing fortnightly bin collections and limiting residents to two black sacks of rubbish is being proposed by Cornwall Council.

A complete overhaul of the way kerbside waste and recycling is collected from 2020 has been put forward by members of the local authority’s Neighbourhoods Overview and Scrutiny Committee (NOSC).

The proposed changes - which include replacing the current fortnightly recycling collections with weekly ones and changing the collection of residual waste to every other week - will be considered by the cabinet on November 15 with a final decision expected in February next year…

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By Natasha Swift 1st November 2017

Mike 1st November 2017 15:06
Ridiculous! It´ll turn into a false economy as the amount of fly-tipping will increase proportionately and guess who´s responsible for clearing it up? That´s right, the council!
Justifying Council desk jobs I feel. Get rid of this Committee and see how much savings are made then!
Sandra Mckenna 2nd November 2017 10:50
Well that´s OK but I only ever have 1 black bag a week but there a a large oration of people who don´t recycle and lots of parents use nappies which could be a huge problem. My neighbour put out 5 bags a week! How will the council deal with that!
sue horsfield 5th November 2017 22:49
If my memory is correct. When the council started the current recycling set up. The council asked the residents of Cornwall how often we wanted our recycling and residual waste collected. We voted for weekly rubbish and fortnightly recycling. Obviously our opinions only count if they agree with the planners
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