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News Archive > General > Residents strongly defend hospital staff

Residents strongly defend hospital staff

By Natasha Swift 11th October 2017

Residents strongly defend hospital staff
The Royal Cornwall Hospital

BUILDING too many houses and lack of Government funding has been blamed by residents for the crisis, which has seen the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust rated as inadequate by the Care Quality Commission.

Residents told the Voice they believe the hospital has been placed into special measures due to the number of new housing developments being built across the area, lack of staff and Government funding cuts.

Inspectors visited the hospital in July and said it requires improvement overall after the CQC revealed how cancer operations had been cancelled and some patients had died because they had been waiting too long for treatment.

Marie Louise Warner said: “The staff are being used as scapegoats. We all know who is to blame, and it’s not our nurses and doctors.

“Treliske Hospital was never built to accommodate the amount of people we have in our county and they’re still building new housing estates. You can’t put a pint in a half pint it’s as simple as that.

“We need another hospital in Cornwall. Also we need to have the surgery open longer, at least until 8pm. If you can’t get an appointment with a GP instead you wait for a phone call within five days.

“What the heck did they think would happen?”

Ian Moye said: “Blame the Government, not the nurses, and doctors.”

Steve Honey told the Voice: “We all know what the ‘inadequacies’ are - understaffed, underfunded, lead by fly-by-night directors, who are there for a quick buck.

“The Government wants the NHS to sell off assets such as ‘unused’ land, how much of this will be sold, on the cheap?

“This is all a ploy, grind the NHS into the ground, say how badly run it is and pave way for privatisation.”

Gail Jago agreed and said: “The staff are not at fault it’s the management that is the problem.”

Sharing his positive experience, John Marsh said: “I’ve had three operations in two years here and several outpatient appointments. I cannot fault the service and attention I have received from the very caring staff.

“They work very hard under limited resources with little thanks. Coming from St Austell the hardest part of the process is getting there in the first place, getting appointments for the doctors surgeries in the area are a nightmare.”

By Natasha Swift 11th October 2017

frederick edwards 12th October 2017 11:08
The goverment needs to look around at what problems they are causing by forcing all this building of houses on us and realise that it needs much more infrastructure, hospitals, schools etc., to cope.
san 6th March 2018 22:59
if the government what more houses then let them sort out our problems with a second hospital in St Austell/Bodmin area to spread the load first so we can cope.
Truro needs help with the hospital so lets have some now please help;
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