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News Archive > General > Drunks mock mourners at mum’s funeral

Drunks mock mourners at mum’s funeral

By Natasha Swift 26th July 2017

Drunks mock mourners at mum’s funeral
ST AUSTELL: Holy Trinity Church

POLICE have assured the public they are doing all they can to tackle anti social behaviour in St Austell after grieving mourners attending a funeral service at Holy Trinity Church were subjected to abuse from street drinkers congregating outside.

A gang of drunks mocked mourners including Mark Owen, who was attending his mum’s funeral as they entered the church on Thursday.

Following the incident, Mr Owen contacted police in St Austell asking how they were dealing with the ongoing anti social behaviour in the town centre.

He said: “I attended my mum’s funeral at Holy Trinity Church. As you can imagine it was one of the hardest days of my life.

“The day was made considerably worse for all attendees as they had to negotiate a group hanging around the church entrance by the White Hart end.

“They were openly drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis and what can only be described as mocking the people trying to enter the church.

“This is not a new problem but an ongoing one that obviously you are not addressing. It was mentioned many months ago.

“The police force is back up to full capacity of serving officers, which can only be good news, and the old excuse of ‘understaffing issues’ can no longer be used.”

A spokesman from St Austell police told Mr Owen: “I would like to start off by saying that we would like to pass on our condolences for your loss, we understand that this is a very difficult time for you and your family.

“I would like to assure you that our neighbourhood policing team are working extremely hard along with Cornwall Council to tackle the anti-social behaviour in the town centre.

“We currently have numerous individuals on final anti-social behaviour warnings and criminal behaviour orders. However we need incidents such as this to be called into us at the time in order for us to respond and progress.

“Many of the individuals are street homeless and we are in constant communications with St Petroc’s and other housing providers to assist with this problem.”

St Austell police inspector, Ed Gard, said they were doing their best to crack down on street drinkers and anti social behaviour.

He told the Voice: “It is pretty unpleasant stuff. We have got more patrols down there and finding alternative accommodation for a few of the main problem people in the town. We are doing our best to tackle the issues that we do suffer when the better weather is around.”

By Natasha Swift 26th July 2017

Allison Elverson 26th July 2017 12:19
Dear Sirs
Having read the response from the St Austell police force to my brother I would like to apologise that the incident was not reported ´at the time´ as requested above but I´m sure you must appreciate that we were all at the church for a far more important and distressing occasion. I also suggest that the unsavoury individuals involved would hardly have responded favourably to a police presence. I understand that my brother was enquiring regarding your general progress on a resolution to removing unacceptable behaviour from the town centre not asking your intentions against individuals following our Mum´s funeral. I moved from St Austell just over twenty years ago to live a few miles from a very large city. I was extremely saddened to see how the once vibrant, friendly, safe and beautiful town has slipped into somewhere that good people are now too scared to visit.
Ruth 26th July 2017 14:31
You cannot honestly have expected mourners to call 999 as they´re going into the funeral to report this behaviour. The fact of the matter is that this incident should not have occurred and it made an already difficult day unbearable. If you are aware there is an issue with certain individuals, why not ensure you have more police on the ground on days where the weather is better in order to pre-empt this kind of behaviour. It is not up to mourners to police the streets, there is absolutely no excuse for allowing this kind of behaviour to happen. Full stop.
steffany harris-pippard 27th July 2017 09:38
Police are not entirely to blame. The main problem is the council and the government idiots that move them into the town because the councils from others cities and town that what to get rid of them give them a load of money to take them. And now they are turning woodland surgery as housing for them to right outside a school. Its the worst I´ve none this town to ever be. And it doesn´t make you happy to be here anymore. I don´t venture town as there is usually someone being attacked or abused every week as well as idiots with needles that can jab you. I don´t know how much longer this town can take before we start taking things in our own hands and start fighting back
Greg 27th July 2017 20:56
There´s the people at the gates of the Church acting on a cowardly manner, and there´s the home secretary directing massive cuts towards Policing, throughout the country. Both of these parties would like to see you blaming the police alone.
Jason crocker 31st July 2017 11:22
I´ve had enough of this time wen we was kids we used to feel safe now I feel that I or my kids are safe anymore, I can´t stress how much the council and government need to sort cornwall not just St Austell out Cornwall believe it or not is on the bottom of the government list and as Steve double is menna be the MP or whatever he doing a rubbish job!, why they picked him to come back god only knows but like was saying this is getting ridiculous now this town ain´t getting better it´s getting worse.
Oldandugly 20th September 2017 17:10
Hi I moved here 2y ago & between the County Council, central government & the police the town is to be polite one of the worst in the UK. (it´s also known as St Awful)It appears the county takes on the dregs of society from other county´s for cash with little regards or respect of the locals. Let put it to a vote keep the drunks & the cash or work with less cash & get rid of the junkies. Make the councils do something, you voted them in VOTE THEM OUT........
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