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News Archive > General > Why are we waiting?

Why are we waiting?

By Natasha Swift 14th June 2017

Why are we waiting?
DRAGGING: People were struggling to stay awake

BRITAIN got to know the true meaning of the Cornish phrase “we’ll do it dreckly” on Friday when voters were left waiting NINE hours for the final results of the General Election.

With just five seats still left to be declared by 7.15am, the county was left red-faced after it emerged that four of those were in Cornwall with three constituency’s ballot papers still being counted in Polkyth Leisure Centre.

While other parts of the country announced their results as early as 11pm, voters did not know the outcome of the first count to be made in St Austell until 10-and-a-half hours after the polls had closed.

Newcastle Central was declared first at 11.01pm following nine minutes later by Houghton and Sunderland South.

The St Austell and Newquay seat was announced just after 8.30am on Friday.
Voters up and down the country took to social media to voice their frustration - and humour - at the wait as Polkyth became the centre of attention across the country during one of the most important General Elections in history.

Dreckley or Dreckly means at some point in the future - soon, but not immediately.
Cornwall Council’s lack of organisational skills have come under fire from Steve Double - the re-elected MP for St Austell and Newquay - who was first to find out his fate at the Polkyth count.

He branded the process “ridiculous”, telling the Voice: “Here we are again where the rest of the country have completed their counts and we are waiting for Cornwall. I just think it’s ridiculous that it takes so long for us in Cornwall to complete the counts.

“There is a real issue of management at the way the count is run. I am not in any way blaming any of the staff. They have been here all night and working incredibly hard, but it is the management of the whole process and the amount of resources that are put in which need to be looked at.

“Why we have to have three counts in one place I don’t know. I cannot see that it saves that much money rather than counting each count individually in the constituency you would then save time with transporting the boxes around and you can get on with it much quicker.

“I really think Cornwall Council need to look at this for the next election and make sure we do a much better job.”

Kevin Neil - the Labour candidate who clinched second place in the three horse race for the St Austell and Newquay constituency- was equally as frustrated at the long wait to find out the result.

He said: “Cornwall Council need to have a rethink about how they are organising this. It is not very good. It’s embarrassing that the last results in the whole country are all in Cornwall.

“If you compare the situation here to some of the fastest ones like Newcastle Central and Sunderland genuinely the only real difference is you have to drive from Newquay to St Austell with your ballot box so we should be able to do it no more than an hour after it takes them.

“They declared theirs at 11pm.”

A spokesman from Cornwall Council said: “The timing of the election meant that we were unable to use our normal count centre at Wadebridge because of the Royal Cornwall Show.

“As the hall at Polkyth was smaller than our usual building at Wadebridge, this meant fewer count staff and this, together with the higher turn out  figures, resulted in the count taking longer than usual.”

By Natasha Swift 14th June 2017

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