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News Archive > General > Church rooms to be handed over

Church rooms to be handed over

By Natasha Swift 17th May 2017

Church rooms to be handed over
HANDOVER: Of Nanpean Church Rooms this Friday

THIS FRIDAY will see Nanpean Church Rooms handed over to parish councillors after winning the auction for the community asset.

In March the Voice revealed how St Stephen in Brannel Parish Council had been told the former Sunday School was being sold and a number of developers had expressed an interest in the building.

The parish council, which currently has an access licence through the grounds of the property to carry out maintenance to the cemetery, were concerned the new owners of the property would not allow this to continue so made an offer for the church rooms.

This was rejected by trustees who opted to go to auction.

Councillors agreed to go to auction to prevent the loss of the facility on St Georges Road.

The building had an original guide price of between £60,000 to £80,000, but just days before the auction councillors spotted that this had been bumped up to £125,000.

The parish council won the bidding war to secure the property for £138,000.

Now the countdown is on to Friday when the church rooms will be placed in the hands of the parish council.

Chair of the parish council, Dave Hatton, said: “We have now got the loan for the church rooms that cam through last thing on Wednesday.

“We should own it on May 19. We have got everything in place now and we will become the owners of that building. We just need to get as much feedback as we can to see what we are going to do with it in the future. We have got our ideas but we want to see what the residents want.”

Mr Hatton confirmed that the purchase of the property had now guaranteed access to the cemetery for the foreseeable future.

He said: “The property itself there was an area of land that allowed entrance to Nanpean Cemetery. There was an ongoing agreement that the council could use that land during burial times.

“When we looked at the legal side of things we found it could be cancelled in four weeks so we had to do something to make sure that we keep access to the cemetery.

“It would be very difficult with the entrance to the cemetery as we have got to get mini diggers in to dig the graves as we do. It is not something that can be done by hand.

“It’s quite a good investment for the people of the parish in the future. We have secured the entrance to the cemetery forever now.

“Hopefully over the next few years that building will come to life with different activities.”

Linda Ranger said that out of an online survey of 300 people in the parish 97 per cent of those were in favour of the purchase of the church rooms.

Mrs Ranger explained: “The parish council did try to purchase the building at a lower price prior to the auction but the trustees declined the offer.”

Councillor Kim Wonnacott said parking facilities would also be retained for parents dropping off and picking up their children from school.

By Natasha Swift 17th May 2017

Dawn-Linda Bayes 24th May 2017 12:01
We have lived in the area since 2002, and​ have always been saddened by this lovely building going to waste. It would be lovely to see the church rooms used for a variety of local functions for all ages.
We desperately need this in this part of the Clays. We love the area and shouldn´t have to live in town to actually ´LIVE´. Please seriously consider my suggestion, it will mean so much for so many. Blessings, Dawn of Foxhole.
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