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News Archive > General > Endangered deer born at zoo

Endangered deer born at zoo

By Warren Wilkins 10th January 2018

NEWQUAY Zoo has bred the most endangered deer in the world.

The Philippine Spotted Deer (right) was born to mother Sookie and father Alfie on December 23. The female fawn is already out and about in the paddock with the rest of the herd joining brother Trevor, who is coming up to a year old.  

The species is classed as endangered due to habitat destruction and illegal hunting despite legal protection against poaching in the wild. European zoos are working on a captive breeding programme for the species, but their future in the wild looks uncertain. Only a few hundred
animals are thought to remain in the wild. Little is known about their behaviour.

The female deer gives birth to a single calf after a gestation period of around 240 days and the calf will be weaned by six months.

John Meek, Newquay Zoo’s curator of animals, said: “We have been very successful with this species in recent years. We have a recommendation for breeding and we breed them every year.

Philippine Spotted Deer are probably the most endangered deer in the world because of habitat
destruction and illegal hunting.”

By Warren Wilkins 10th January 2018

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