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News Archive > General > First runway test for world speed bid car

First runway test for world speed bid car

By Warren Wilkins 11th October 2017

First runway test for world speed bid car

The world’s most advanced supersonic car has been taken out for its first test drive at Cornwall Airport Newquay ahead of its attempt to break the land speed record.
The Bloodhound SSC reached speeds of 50mph along the 1.7 mile long runway, which enabled the team to test its steering, brakes and tyre grip.

Driver Andy Green took the supersonic car out on eight runs so the team could build up their confidence and experience of operating the powerful prototype race-car. It was not all plain sailing as a carbon brake disc did not come up to temperature as the other three did during one of the early runs.

The brake disc was found to have 'glazed,’ meaning it refused to bite and come up to temperature. The glaze was eventually burned off and all four brakes were properly bedded in.
The team is undertaking a rigorous set of dynamic trails this week, which will see the car aiming to reach higher speeds using the higher power settings in preparation for the full-power 200 mph public test runs at the end of the month. The series of trail runs follows the Bloodhound car’s state-of-the-art EJ200 jet engine being tested. Data from the sensors on the car during the tie-down test confirmed the jet engine produced the expected thrust during maximum reheat, otherwise known as afterburner.

The Bloodhound is due to be transported to the Hakskeen Pan desert in South Africa next year for the world record attempt, which stands at 763mph. The aim is to raise the mark in two stages by first reaching speeds of 800mph and then to 1,000mph.
Andy Green, said “Throttle response was fantastic and once we’d got all four brakes operating together, it handled like a real racing car.

“The team have been putting in the long hours, working through minor issues of running a brand new vehicle, as we learn how to fine tune and develop the car and operating procedures.
“We must say a big thank you to the staff of Cornwall Airport Newquay for their support. The airfield is proving to be the ideal test and develop centre for the world’s fastest car and we couldn’t have done this without their help.

Thousands of people are expected to visit Cornwall Airport Newquay to watch as the Bloodhound SSC is put through its paces on October 26 and 28, which will include 4,500 Cornish schoolchildren as part of an education programme that aims to inspire the next generation of engineers.

By Warren Wilkins 11th October 2017

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