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News Archive > General > Council told to clean up resort

Council told to clean up resort

By Warren Wilkins 12th July 2017

Council told to clean up resort
Weeds around a bench at Newquay´s Killacourt.

THE community has demanded immediate action over the dilapidated and untidy state of Newquay.

Angry residents are concerned public open spaces are being neglected by Cornwall Council, which has resulted in grass going uncut, railings rusting up, broken benches, bins being allowed to overflow and the precinct pavements not being cleaned.

They want to see Newquay’s five Cornwall councillors hold the unitary authority to account to ensure the resort gets a better deal due to fears the town’s tourism industry is being damaged.

Residents, business owners and the Newquay in Bloom Partnership believe other towns in Cornwall are getting a better service from Cormac, the unitary authority’s engineering arm, despite little funding allegedly being available.

The issue was raised in the public gallery at Newquay Town Council’s meeting last Wednesday where residents stated ‘enough is enough’ following the town’s public open spaces being allowed to fall into decline over recent years.

Treviglas Cornwall Council representative Paul Summers revealed Newquay’s five Cornwall councillors have met to discuss the situation but stated they are fighting
an uphill battle.

The town council has established an open spaces team to help refurbish neglected areas and plans to install around 100 new benches despite not being responsible, as the authority has come to the conclusion that the work would not otherwise be carried out.

Mavis Warman, chairman of Newquay in Bloom, said: “Newquay is getting the short straw from Cornwall Council. If you look at other towns they are not as bad as Newquay. Our Cornwall councillors are meant to be fighting our corner. Newquay has 50,000 visitors every week and they must go away wondering why they came here at all.”

Resident Jon Goodman added: “All of Newquay is very much being neglected by Cornwall Council. You just have to take a walk around the town to see the extent of the uncut verges, the overflowing bins, the broken benches, the dirty precinct floor and the many shopfronts looking tired.

“It’s shameful and it’s about time we asked Cornwall Council to sort it out. Our town councillors are all volunteers and do an amazing job. The new open spaces team will follow
behind Cormac and fix what they can, but our Cornwall councillors need to be fighting our corner in County Hall. Residents need to be supporting them as a town to do so.”

A business owner said: “I have got people visiting my restaurant saying it is a shame about Newquay, it used to be so lovely. I recently rang the council about the state of the precinct pavements because they have become so stained.

“The council stated it was because the weather has been so dry, but the reason is they have not been cleaned.

“The precinct used to be cleaned a lot more regularly. Other towns seem to manage it. Why is it not happening in Newquay? One example of an area being neglected is Albany Road car park, near the police station. A lot of people park there when they come to visit and it looks like a garden is growing in there.”

Newquay Cornwall councillors who also represent areas on the town council pledged at the
meeting they will exert pressure on the authority to ensure the situation improves.

Cllr Summers said: “Newquay’s Cornwall councillors have met to discuss the issue. We need to fight and work harder for Newquay to get a better deal. Other towns in Cornwall are perceived to get a better deal than Newquay but that is the reality. It is a fact and that is wrong.”

By Warren Wilkins 12th July 2017

DC 12th July 2017 12:24
It´s the litter and dog poo (and dog poo bags) everywhere that really bring the place down.

It´s a disgrace, and whoever is in charge/responsible for litter collection (at all levels, from the local councillor´s supposedly representing Newquay to the clock punchers at the county council) should feel FULLY ASHAMED of their incompetent efforts.

We need a backlash against public service incompetence to vote out / fire the politicians and talkers and get in some PEOPLE OF ACTION for a change.
Shaun Moorhouse 20th July 2017 21:54
As someone who works nights at a hotel,I see first hand the mess that our night visitors leave the high street in at 5 in the morning. The council team have to work hard just to get the streets habitable before 9am especially on a weekend. I know it does not excuse the longer term/ neglect issues for local residents but maybe spare some sympathy and understanding.
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